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AGM Thermal Clip-on
AGM Thermal Clip-on

AGM Thermal Clip-on

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Our thermal clip-on systems are developed using the most current infrared imaging technology available, giving them the ability to reveal temperature differences of natural and man-made objects, even when variations are slight. Our clip-on systems easily mount in front of any existing day scope that’s already attached to your weapon, with no rezeroing required. Our thermal clip-ons also feature:

  • Automatic or Manual (silent) Calibration
  • Innovative lens materials and compact, durable construction for enhanced reliability
  • Electronic accuracy correction
  • Limited 2-year warranty

AGM Globalvision always uses state-of-the-art technology to design our thermal clip-on systems. Because nearly all matter - even extremely cold objects like ice cubes or snow - emits at least a small amount of heat, thermal imaging devices are an incredible way to discover and track the objects with a temperature above absolute zero (negative 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit/ negative 273.15 degrees Celsius). With our products, converting your existing set-up to a thermal imaging scope takes only a few seconds, and you’ll be able to identify targets in total darkness or through rough weather without having to waste valuable time removing daytime optics.

Our Thermal Clip-On System Product Offerings

We offer a wide variety of field-tested, professional-grade thermal clip-on systems. Features include:

  • Quick and easy conversion from daytime scope to thermal imaging device
  • Factory boresighting ensures that no rezeroing is required after mounting
  • External power supply via micro USB
  • A quick-release mount
  • Remote control operation
  • Powered by two standard CR123A batteries

Our diverse catalog of thermal clip-on devices offers a suitable solution for everyone, from law enforcement personnel, security professionals, tactical specialists, and even Military experts. With AGM Globalvision, you always get the most advanced functionality and features at the lowest possible cost.

AGM Thermal Clip-on
AGM Thermal Clip-on
AGM Thermal Clip-on